Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

– Sir Arthur C. Clarke


Thore Soltau

 Hi, and welcome.

  • Web-Developer from Münster, Germany
  • Working with PHP, Python, Java, JS, (My)SQL, HTML/CSS
  • Experienced in Database-Design, Software-Architecture, DevOps,

    Project Management, E-Commerce, Distributed Digital Signage, Api-Development,

    Docker, Vagrant, SOLR, Laravel, RabbitMQ, React, Node, xUnit, Angular, ...

    ... and a lot of other tools, frameworks, patterns and workflows

  • The heart beats for cooking, travel, climbing, pirate metal and japanese pop culture
  • ... oh yeah, and board games.


Hansaring 3a, 48155 Münster


+49 163 4304748